Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Bacterial vaginosis is a very common condition which affects millions of women around the world. Bacterial vaginosis symptoms are similar to symptoms of typical yeast infection; including strong unpleasant odor, vaginal discharge and itching. These symptoms cause discomfort and embarrassment to the patients so finding an effective cure to bacterial vaginosis is very critical to those patients.

Because of the similarity between bacterial vaginosis symptoms and that of yeast infection, many women at first assume that they are suffering from Candida infection. However, there is a big difference between these two conditions; bacterial vaginosis is caused by misbalanced vaginal pH allowing the harmful bacteria to proliferate and causing infection whereas yeast infection is caused simply by yeast cultures in the vagina. So treatment of bacterial vaginosis does not work for yeast infection and vice versa.

So to get rid of your symptoms completely, seek your doctor advice to make sure that you are complaining of bacterial vaginosis rather than yeast infection.

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed and you are for sure suffering from bacterial vaginosis, your doctor, most likely, will prescribe you a course of antibiotics as a first line of treatment. You have a wide range of options to take those antibiotics, like orally, vaginally or as a cream.

The rate of relapse of bacterial vaginosis is very high, even with antibiotics treatment, it has been proved by many researches that 50% to 70% of patients will have the same symptoms within a year (and often, within few weeks) after completion of antibiotics course.

Antibiotics treatment sometimes predisposes to yeast infection thus exacerbating the current problem; that because antibiotics kill both bad bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis and beneficial bacteria that rebalance vaginal pH. It has been proved that conventional treatment, like antibiotics, treats only the symptoms and not the real cause of bacterial vaginosis; misbalanced vaginal pH. Thus many women find themselves trapped in a cycle of relief and relapse.

Permanent relief has been reported by many women who use natural remedies to treat their bacterial vaginosis. You will find a number of those remedies and how to use them on our website for free.

Finally, understanding the underlying causes of bacterial vaginosis and the course of the disease is very important in choosing the best way to treat your bacterial vaginosis.

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