Does tea tree oil cure BV?

Does tea tree oil cure BV?

Tea tree oil which is also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, in the community of science, is an effective choice of treatment for both yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis as it has been shown in several studies done on patients suffer from BV.

You will absolutely consider tea tree oil as a choice of treatment if you suffer from BV or if you are one of the chronic suffers who are seeking medical advice and visiting medical facilities to get rid of the disgusting discomfort and embarrassment that comes as a result of chronic BV. Your BV will be significantly reduced or even eliminated in less than six weeks if you take tea tree oil, and this has been proved by many researches. I absolutely guarantee that tea tree oil is an integral part of treatment regimen for any woman complaining of BV.

There are many choices to get rid of BV by using tea tree oil, suppository form which you can be purchased from any local health food store. Another choice, you can make it by yourself, by mixing 1/3 of tea tree oil and 2/3 of vitamin E or using a tampon in the same way as the previous mixture. In my opinion, comparing the three options, I would prefer the first one; suppository, which is the most hygienic and least messy.

Treatment with tea tree oil for a period of six weeks, in addition to other natural remedies will help you to get rid of BV. In my point of view, using few treatments at once is the most appropriate choice to get the best result; cure your BV once and forever. Finally I strongly suggest considering tea tree oil for your BV treatment regimen.


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