Homeopathic Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

Homeopathic Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

BV is a frustrating condition  caused by an imbalance  in the bacteria which are always present in the vagina.  It is often treated with prescription medicines, but more and more women are recognizing the benefits of treating BV homeopathically.   Although there are many different types of natural cures for BV, they all share one thing in common – they contain active ingredients which act to rebalance your vagina’s pH, thus restoring the natural balance of bacteria.  Here are my two favorite natural remedies:

1.  Probiotics.  Probiotics are simply amazing for you for some many reasons not the least of which is their power to help in the fight against BV.   There are many natural products and supplements which you can find at your local health food store or supermarket containing the probiotic “lactobacillus acidophilus”  which will help you to restore normal vaginal pH thus treating bacterial vaginosis.  In addition, probiotics are excellent for maintaining a healthy balance throughout your body and will help to prevent your BV from coming back.

For my money, probiotic yogurt is the best source of lactobacillus acidophilus.   Global Healing Center, an organization dedicated to researching natural health remedies,  recommends live-cultured yogurt, especially handmade and I agree with this advice.   Find a brand that’s made from goat’s milk  and is infused with extra forms of probiotics. Make sure that you are choosing a completely natural yogurt – many brands are made with unhealthy additives like artificial sweeteners, colors and worst of all, high fructose corn syrup – an ingredient which can actually make your BV worse!

2.  Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide douches are also an incredibly effective choice for treating BV, especially when you combine the power of hydrogen peroxide with acidophilus and folic acid supplements, both of which help fight bacteria and keep your immune system strong.  Carol V., one of my readers from Ohio, sent me an email about two months ago to tell me that she had tried a hydrogen peroxide douche and was ecstatic with the results, having become completely symptom free in less than a week.  To learn more about making a hydrogen peroxide douche, grab a copy of my free report.  It covers not only hydrogen peroxide but many other cutting edge treatments and prevention tips as

Although many doctors would have you believe that prescription drugs are the only way to treat BV, it has become clear in recent years that is simply not the case.  More and more women are reporting great success with homeopathic bacterial vaginosis cures and I truly believe that any woman can treat their BV effectively and prevent its recurrence by choosing the right natural bacterial vaginosis remedies in the right combination and in the right quantity. The most important fact to remember is choosing the right option and completing it.  Constantly changing up your treatment approach without following through on any particular treatment option most often leads to frustration rather than a cure!




References:  Global Healing Center

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  1. Corrina DD says:

    Looking forward to using your advice and getting rid of my BV for good! Keep up the excellent work.

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