How Do You Get Bacterial Vaginosis

How Do You Get Bacterial Vaginosis

This question is one of the most common questions about Bacterial Vaginosis, from where do I get bacterial vaginosis? And how do I end up with this infection? Some of women suspect the source of this infection to be her husband or boyfriend!
Although Bacterial vaginosis is very common disease, the exact causes of it are still unclear. Most of the researchers believe that bacterial vaginosis is caused by misbalance between the harmful bacteria and the natural one in the vagina. When the number of harmful bacteria exceeds the number of natural one, bacterial vaginosis will occur. Lots of women believe that low genital hygiene is the main cause of bacterial vaginosis, but in this case, how could you explain the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis even with very good hygiene?

Bacterial Vaginosis – Contributing factors
1-    Multiple sexual partners: Studies showed that women with multiple sexual partners are more likely to get infected.
2-    Frequent douches of the vagina increases the risk of bacterial vaginosis as it gives a proper environment for the bacteria to germinate.
Now the question is:  What is the relation between Sex and Bacterial Vaginosis?
I can simply explain that naturally men’s urethra have some harmful bacteria, those bacteria are dormant in men, once they reach the women vagina during intercourse, they become active leading to bacterial vaginosis. Some doctors believe that men urethra are such stores for your BV bacteria, maybe this is the explanation why bacterial vaginosis has a chronic nature!
Recent studies indicated that intra-uterine device may increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis. Also using soaps with heavy scent have the same effect on the risk of getting bacterial vaginosis.
Now the issue is, although bacterial vaginosis is very common in sexually active women, it’s still common in asexually active women! This raises multiple questions about the validity of the Sex- bacterial vaginosis relation!

Could you stop Bacterial Vaginosis infection or preventing re-infection?
There are lots of ways to do that, one of them is by asking your partner to add yogurt to his diet. This yogurt will get rid of any harmful bacteria that may be held in his urethra from the last intercourse. A great idea is to use condoms during the period when one or both of you are on treatment. By this, you will avoid re-infecting yourself with bacterial vaginosis.
One of the big mistaken ideas about the transmission of bacterial vaginosis, is the fear to get infected by touch! This is completely incorrect; you will never get bacterial vaginosis from touching infected toilet papers or seats or sharing bed. Bacterial vaginosis could not be transmitted by touch.

Finally the question is, how could you get rid of bacterial vaginosis forever?
Simply you have to concentrate on certain recommendations such as drinking good amount of water daily, eating healthy diet rich with yogurt, regular intake of folic acid, using hydrogen peroxide douches from time to time and getting sufficient rest.

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